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Price recyclable waste of the day: 18 October 2019
Chang Beer (Big bottle) 9Rubber band 2
Leo Beer (Big bottle) 10Broken bottles (white-red) 1
Singha Beer (Big bottle) 10CD 10
Heineken Beer (Big bottle) 15Clear plastic 8
Heineken Beer (Small bottle) 19Color plastic 7
Singha Beer (Small bottle) 15White Plastic 15
Chang Beer (Small bottle) 14acrylic 6
Tiger Beer (Small bottle) 12Coca-Cola cans 38
San Miguel Beer (Small bottle) 19cap (unpack) 22
Spy Red 8Stainless steel 34
Mekhong Whiskey 17Stainless steel forgings 7
Bottle of fish sauce 7Curtain 14
Round Bottle 9Lead 48
Flat Bottle 12Alloy / Brake 30
Paper Box 3.5Alloy (thick) 38
Colour Paper 2Alloy (thin) 38
Black-White Paper 6.5Alloy (right angle) 48
Newspaper 10Alloy (wire) 50
Bucket (Good condition) 2Alloy air conditioner 85
Bucket (Broken) 1Air radiators 30
Black oil (bucket) 190Brass 115
Black oil (kg) 10Copper No.1 175
Blue pipe / Yellow pipe 6Copper No.2 165
Black pipe / White pipe / Gray pipe 1Copper No.3 155
water pipe green pp-r 1 inch 2Copper (Air) 150
Battery (white) 30Streel (thick) 8
Battery (small/black) 29Streel (thin) 7
Wire enclosures 2Cast iron / Tongs 8.5
Boots 9Can / Zinc 2
* Purchase price for the quantity of a lot only, if there is not a lot of volume, prices may drop slightly. Above rates are subject to change.
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